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Nada Debs, the Levantine designer renowned for her ability to distil culture and craftmanship, presents a unique new
collection of spiritual carpets that spark a dialogue on the inter-connectedness of faith. Aptly named ‘Transcendence’ the collection is a collaboration between Nada Debs and Zuleya by FBMI which is an initiative to support and engage carpet weavers in Afghanistan, mainly focusing on women. Meticulously hand-woven and divinely inspired, the collection of spiritual carpets reflects Nada Debs vision to unite people, places, culture and identity and this time she does it again, through faith, prayer and spirituality. True to its name, the spiritual prayer carpets are not limited to one faith but transcend boundaries and borders, to spiritually connect the faithful through prayer and the divine calling of brotherhood, peace and human fraternity. The defining design factor for this connection is the arched doorway and dome, re-created within the carpet weave and reminiscent of religious architecture evident in mosques, minarets, shrines and ancient churches rooted in Byzantine architectural tradition, as early as the 7th century. The alternating linear pattern evokes a sense of depth, transporting a person into another dimension of spiritual harmony, where the soul transcends the body and unites with the divine creator. The different textures on the carpet serve to awaken tactile senses as one attends the call of prayer or meditation, suited to his or her religious inclination.

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  • Navy Blue – Beige
  • Size (cm):140x76cm

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